July 28th, Jinx is an asshole

The World Ends With You- Déjà Vu

July 28th, 2003… I hate it when I’m right. Turns out it wouldn’t be the last I would hear about this monster business. For the past week I didn’t see any vampires of anything, thank god, but I was either in my room sulking or skateboarding along my usual trail on the boardwalk during the day (It always seems to take my mind of things, especially at sunset). I haven’t talked to Walter or Herman for a while… I don’t know, I just… don’t want to brother them right now. They’re going through the same thing I am… sort of… and I bet they want to be left alone.

Anyway, that one cop lady at the bar, Desiree, came to see me a few days ago. She talked to me about what happened that night when Tod died… about the vampires. She told me how she and a couple of other people from the bar were going to go face those creatures again… willingly. I thought they were crazy and I didn’t want any part of it, but then she told me about this guy named Jinx. Apparently, that’s the name of the guy who managed to kill most of the vampires, you know, the guy who is also crazy, but I figured he knew what he was doing and knew what had happened to us. Desiree said I could meet up with him on the night of the 28th and get some answers, so I decided to go.

Little did I know (but I should have seen it coming) I would be dragged into fighting vampires. Needless to say, I freaked the fuck out… but Desiree managed to comfort me a little. You know, she is a very nice and nurturing person once you get passed her… intenseness. During the entire encounter, she looked after my wellbeing and made sure I didn’t get hurt. So the group and I picked up some weapons at this Celtic shop thing… freaking out, I only picked out a dagger thinking it would be enough. In hindsight, I should have picked up a sword or something, because that one chick (I don’t think I ever got her name) managed to kill off those vampires pretty quickly. Note to self; pick up a sword and lean to use it.

So when we finally reached the area where the vampires where, Jinx failed to show up. He later explained that it was a test, but it’s still a dick move! We could have all died… and I’m still surprised we didn’t… and those people they captured managed to escape unharmed as well… thanks to us. You know… all things considered, I’m kind of glad we did this. I mean, it was stupid we put ourselves in harm’s way to kill those things, but at least we managed to save those people. After Desiree dropped me back off at my house (and after I had quick puke session in the bathroom…), I got a call from her an hour later saying to meet up at denies with the rest of the group… and jinx… the asshole.

When I arrived, I finally got some answers from Jinx. Apparently, I was “chosen” to hunt down these monsters and kill them… well let me tell you, the cosmos chose the worst person for the job. Still, Desiree and that one crazy conspiracy theorist (I really need to ask people’s names…) had a point; I can still help without directly fighting. I could help with injuries and wounds, I know enough about biology and anatomy to make a few small fixes.

We managed to solve this cryptic message that was left behind in one of the vampires coat pockets. It was written mostly in police code, but it mentioned someone named Hermes. Whomever this guy is, I bet the group will want to find out more about him and I got a feeling we are going to run into more trouble. As much as everything in my gut tell me not to go, I feel I have too… besides, I got a feeling this group is going to need a voice of reason. You know, to make sure that homeless looking guy doesn’t burn down anymore buildings. Note to self; pick up some medical supplies… and a burn kit.

OH! Here’s something not crazy! I met a guy named Carol during the UC LA campus tour. He was really cool. He does parkour! We talked and we seem to have a lot in common, in fact, he reminds me a lot of David… anyway, I’m going to hang out with him later this week and he’s going to show me a trick or two. Gods knows I’m going to have to be more active if this hunting business becomes a regular thing. I really hope it doesn’t.

July 28th, Jinx is an asshole

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