July 19, It was suppose to be just a normal night

(Authors note: I know I’ve used this song before, but It fits too well for this moment Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek)

Tod’s dead. He died in my arms I was dragging him out of the burning building that got attacked by… cannibals, cultist, vampires? No, they were definitely vampires, for some reason, when they started glowing, I could sort of tell what they were. God, listen to myself, I’m talking about glowing fucking vampires in my journal. If anyone read this, they’d think I was crazy, but I know what I saw! Damn it, this was supposed to be normal, boring night out with my friends trying to be relatively social and now one of my best friends is dead and I have no idea why this happened! Maybe if I go step by step, things will begin to clear up…

Ok, so Tod and the gang dragged me out the house to go see this concert… and now I kind of wish they hadn’t. You know, I voted to just stay home, watch a movie and play video games with them, but they really wanted to see this and I didn’t want to be a wet blanket this time. Hindsight is 20/20, I guess. We sat down, played a bit of magic, sat next to this guy that seemed famous, but I guess I was mistaken because he kind of gave me a dirty look. As I looked around the room, I saw this group of ladies looking like they were having a girl’s night out. One of them seemed really intense, she must have been a cop or something because when the vampires attacked, she took out a gun and started shooting at them. I also saw this guy that looked completely and utterly crazy. I don’t know, something seemed off with him, I wonder if he has anything to do with this.

As the concert started and that Luna chick came on stage, that’s when things really started to go downhill. While the band was playing, the room went completely silent, time seemed to stop completely… and then the basses… her head began to look all fussy, then she turned at me and said “run”. A split second later, everything returned back to normal, the band was playing, people were listening and the basses head was fine. It was as if no one saw what I saw. Assuming I was just hallucinating or just tired or something, I excused myself to get some water. That’s when things really went to hell. The lights begin turning to flicker on and off, people began to scream… people who were fine just a minute ago ley dead on the floor with the vampires hovering over their bodies and some guys with guns who appeared out of nowhere to block the exits.

Next thing I know, I’m getting shot at by the guys near the entrance. I managed to avoid the bullets somehow… I seriously don’t know how I managed that. In any case, I began to panic (as one normally does when they are getting shot at) and didn’t know if I should to try to get past the gunmen blocking the exit or hide behind the bar. That’s when the two possibilities flashed before my eyes. One ended with me getting tickled with bullets trying to get past the gunmen, the other was me hiding behind the bar and not getting killed. I took the obvious choice and hid behind the bar, where I found a few other people with me, specially this one homeless looking guy right next to me. I still don’t understand that clairvoyant moment I had, but I’m sure it was just the panic setting the possibilities in mind or something. I doubt it’ll happen again.

This is when the ragged guy next to me had the “brilliant” idea to make a Molotov Cocktail and throw it at one of the gunmen. I protested against him using it, but my words went on deft ears. You know, I really wish people would think of the long term like I do. Sure, he got rid of the guy, but he ALSO LIT THE BUILDING ON FIRE, totally disregarding the people we could still save by putting a time limit on how fast we could get them out of the building.

As I got up to check the situation of my friends, the guys with blood on their faces began glowing. Their… features began to look more prominent… Fangs… claws… pale skin, red eyes… it was as if my head was screaming Vampire. Did I do that… or do vampires randomly glow whenever people look at them? My friends were hurt badly, I could see blood streaming from their bodies… and I desperately wanted to help them, but it meant certain death by those creatures… I…I couldn’t… I panicked and started heading towards the kitchen door like everyone behind the bar. As I did, I noticed that the last vampire just sort of… poof’d, turn to dust and the guys that were helping them either ran away or died off.

I rushed over to my friends as quickly as I could to help them and bandage up their wounds, but Tod… Tod had it the worst out of the three of us. He was bleeding everywhere, he got shot in the stomach, the chest… his heart, pretty much every vital point I could think of. I couldn’t… I couldn’t tell him he was going to die. I told him to hold on, that he was going to be fine as we were dragging him out of the building and out of the fire…but he died just as we got him out. He was the guy that got me and David into D&D, gave me my first pair of dice to play with, helped me roll, Azeal, the Crimson Scion… and he died in my arms… covered in blood.

I… I really want to forget this day ever happened… but I got a feeling this will haunt me for the rest of my life. Not for the obvious traumatic reasons either… I’ll find more of those… things, won’t I? This isn’t going to end, no matter how bad I want it too, is it? I really hope I’m wrong this time.

July 19, It was suppose to be just a normal night

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